My name is Brugske. I'm a traveller and a champagne drinker. I like strange places, but above all I love drinking champagne!
My brothers name is Fritske and he likes also drinking champagne. He will be in many many pictures beside me, not because he's cute or anything, he's just my brother...

I'm a little cute bear, so I hope you will not be mad or disappointed when I make little slips of the pen (cleric errors).  When you bounce upon one, I hope that you wouldn't be sad, mad or anything else...

My age???

Hmmm, I really don't know. It's not important anyway, because I'm going to life forever. This is thanks to bubbly drinking things, I think.

I Hate!!!

The washing machine... When I travel a lot I get dirty. But I would like to think that's like, let us say patina... I think I have more character this way!
Unfortunately my owners are thinking differently. And I must listen to them, because they are my sponsors... So once in a while I drag myself to the Washing Machine to get humiliated and washed.

But in general I'm a happy bear!

The rest you can find  in my Blog,